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Hummer H1/Humvee HVAC Side Vent Fender & Vent Cover

Hummer H1/Humvee HVAC Side Vent Fender & Vent Cover

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Humvee Passenger HVAC Side Vent Delete Kit

Proudly made in the USA!

Hate the HVAC air intake on the side of your Humvee? Tired of mud and water getting your interior wet when driving? Want your Humvee to look more like a Hummer H1? This will relocate your HVAC air intake up by the cowl. A HVAC hose will then be connected to your heater or a new HVAC system.

Simple installation that takes 45 minutes and comes with detailed instructions.


-Lower Hummer H1 style fender/cowl

- Snorkel cowl replacement

-Side vent relocation

-Side vent cover with mounting hardware

-Primed and powder coated finish

-Military grade aluminum - exact OEM thickness

-Military grade closed head rivets

-Detailed instructions
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